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Unwind - Find - Define - Flow

Did you know the average person spends 144 minutes a day on social media? 

What if you dedicate this time to you?

Body Awareness

Heart Coherence

Mind Balance

Authentic Spirit

About Maita

Feeling lost in the woods?

Living hectic days in this fast moving society?

Longing self-reflection-and-care? 


My Inner Alchemy Training is an introspective and interactive program that explores your personal status quo, finds your drivers, and defines your limiting beliefs. I guide you to re-center yourself,

 understanding what wants to be seen, and creating a life based on values that are important to you. 

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A free 50 min intake session


Followed by a package of 8 sessions

Life group sessions

At the end, I invite you to fill in the post-questionnaire to evaluate your growth

Sessions Set-up:

Unwind your body by relaxation

Find your emotions by tools

Define your mind by mending

Flow freely in your current life

Every week we cover another topic: 

Note: Some sessions are pre-required to an hour of mindful homework time



Inner Alchemy Training: Alchemy is the practice of spirituality or science to transform one type of matter into another. Spiritual Alchemy is the act of inner transformation. It’s healing and freeing the inner parts of ourselves that need to be changed. By transforming these parts of us, it leads us to inner liberation, the freedom from our fears, beliefs that no longer serves us, soul loss and other self destructive situations. 



Forget having it all—I just wanted to have it together. 

Doesn’t that sound freeing? Discover yourself on a deeper level for clarity, growth and/or fun. 

Book Your Free Intake Session

As a non-social-media-person this is my way to stay connected with you!

I promise to inspire you with consciously chosen thoughts and feelings.

Maïtime is a non-financial organization.

Website created with passion by Maïta

Contact me via or WhatsApp +32 497 584 902


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