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Maïtime is Magic

Unwind - Find - Define - Flow

Did you know the average person spends 144 minutes a day on social media? 

What if you dedicate this time to you?

Body Awareness

Heart Coherence

Mind Balance

Authentic Spirit

About Maita

About Maïta 

After years of wandering between adventure, lust, and pain, Maïta went on a quest to untangle the web we call life.


From an inner passion she created her 'Foundations of Life' Equation where body awareness, heart coherence, and mind balance are central to your well-being. 

Although Maïta was born in Antwerp, and feeling at home around the world, she now enjoys living the slow life. Maïta is an empathic, highly sensitive person (HSP). 

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Join Words of Inspiration 

As a non-social-media-person this is my way to stay connected with you!

I promise to inspire you with consciously chosen thoughts and feelings.

Website created with passion by Maïta

Contact me via or WhatsApp +32 497 584 902


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